The Sticckiers – Bubble Gum (2013)

When it comes to everyday life, we truly believe there isn’t one right way, or “the” way. There is a way, for sure, there are many ways. When it comes to music, as well, often it is the same as, so many ways, and once again we don’t really care about the right and straight way, we often and rather prefer a way, maybe a wrong one to many but right to us, possibly a heartfelt one, or an unexpected one, and so on.

That’s basically why we bring this release to your attention today. Because we feel it has its own way, and we leave up to yo to make your point about it, if you think it’s necessary. What we just say is that, whether you catch the words or not, or appreciate the message or whatever, the vibe is still there, rough, vivrant yet strong and thumping, as these young guns do their best to outdo themselves and their outcome, giving a positive energy and the joy of life through music. With up and downs, fights, wins and losses, you know how it goes.

The interesting thing in this is that Too Rullo, Zacckazò and Rejoke, respectively emcess and producer of the project, put together an album that can be what you want it to be, depending on your attitude and approach. Parimai Records delivers, and le jeux sont faits.

Maybe yes, maybe not.
Out like six million ways to live, choose one.

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