The Blast Interviews #6: Vic Grimes

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vic-grimesCrate Divizion è l’etichetta indipendente che fa da “casa” ai beatmaker anglofoni Giallo Point e Vic Grimes, già apprezzati su alcune produzioni di Long Island, in particolare Hus Kingpin e Smoovth. L’etichetta si rifà al suono malato della New York più hardcore, e ha un retrogusto horror-library senza fronzoli che spesso funziona molto bene. A pochi giorni dall’uscita di Crime Themes, un album strumentale di Vic Grimes pubblicato esclusivamente in vinile, per la gioia dei supporters del supporto, abbiamo sentito il beatmaker di origine italiana (i nonni sono di Napoli) proprio per farci raccontare qualcosa della sua ultima fatica, e presentarvi due estratti dal disco.
Per informazioni sull’acquisto di Crime Themes, potete contattare Vic Grimes sul sito della Crate Divizion, sulla sua pagina Facebook o a questa mail. Ladies and gents, mister Vic Grimes.

What was the inspiration for Crime Themes?
I wanted to put a record out that really had a library feel. Something crate diggers and beat heads everywhere could appreciate. Something that looked like and sounded like a library joint…but is hop hop enough to write and spit rhymes to. In my eyes the tracks on there aren’t just my every day style of beats I make. I tried to really hone in on a particular vibe. To me the tracks work as both hip hop beats and production music. I could hear these tracks in the background of a 70’s cop/crime flick.

Is this going to be a series? What plans have you got?
At the moment, no. No plan of making it a series. Just this one.

Crime Themes is pressed in only 200 copies and the first 100 vinyls are translucent blue colour. What was the reason for this choice? Are you going for a second printing, if things go well?
I wanted to do a really small, limited run. Thought it would be cool to have the first 100 colored… something extra for the people paying close attention to my stuff. If all goes well with the release I don’t think I would press more. Just move on to the next idea. So grab it when it drops!!!

theme for crime - vic grimes

You opted for no digital, no CD version. There seems to be a general trend towards this kind of choice, bringing back vinyl, in the last years. What are your thoughts in this respect? What do you like about vinyl?
I’m all for it. I copped Hus Kingpin’s Cognac Tape months back… it was a cognac colored vinyl, I thought that was cool. I grab all these crazy color vinyl horror soundtracks from Waxworks and Death Waltz Recording Co. Grabbed both of Ka’s albums when he dropped them on vinyl. I’m not sure exactly what the obsession with it is, if you want to call it that. CDs are small and get lost and sat on and crushed and what not. You let your friends borrow a CD then you never see it again. I haven’t bought a CD in years. I’m a sucker for dope artwork. So having an LP with larger artwork is better than a little CD. With digital you get no artwork. I like to look at the covers and read all the notes on the back and the instruments played and all that while I listen. I don’t know, not a whole lot of thought has gone into why I like vinyl more really, maybe it’s ‘cause the music I’m after is mostly only available on vinyl. My dad had a big record collection and constantly played music in the house growing up. Who knows.

At Crate Divizion you guys seem to have a particular fondness for library music. Can you advise our readers on a label or a series which is essential listening?
We do. After years of digging for samples in library stuff we’ve kind of grown an appreciation for the music and the composers. It’s the sort of music I find myself listening to these days, without no intention of sampling. Movie soundtracks and library records. The darker ones and funkier ones of course. I would say De Wolfe would be my personal favorite. Infinite gems on that label.






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