Roc Marciano – Just let me be//Hey Love (Audio)

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Approaching the release date for his sophomore joint, the man known as Roc Marci and his affiliates are giving out an enormous amount of stuff to fans worldwide. Collabos and cameos, unreleased joint, left-overs, anticipation, the buzz is on, to say the least, though since Marcberg dropped, two years ago, the man kept himself pretty busy and well on and off the radar, with perfect timing. Just like his rap.

As you may have noticed, we’re following the flow of these deliveries, and are happy to share with our valuable readers, since we estimate you appreciate. And today, here’s a double threat for us. Two new joints, baby.

The first one, via Unkut‘s mogul Robbie, is produced by Australian duo Fre$heep, and it’s contained in their Antidepressants album. Check out their shop to learn more about it.

Second, a bizarre left-over from Reloaded. When we say bizarre, we mean something that you don’t necessarily expect from the man. On Hey Love, Marci seize the time over the instrumental to the same titled De La tune from De La Soul Is Dead. No wonder then, since De La Soul, alongside fellow L.I. representatives EPMD and Rakim, are some of Marciano early influences. That’s Long Island for real, you know.

Out like two is better than one, uhn?

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