Quelle Chris – Niggas Is Men (2013)

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A few months have passed since 2Dirt4TV from the man known as Quelle Chris, and if the buzz hasn’t been always there, we can’t deny the consistency and quality that Detroit emcee/producer has put on the table. Starting with Crown Nation up to rolling solo, the cat knows what time is it when it comes to rock a funky beat and let the flow roll, touching various topics with a swag and a rare freedom of thought.

After moving out Detroit to California, as his mentor Dj House Shoes did first, he got in touch with Mello Music Group, and is finally about to release a new album, therefore NIM is just an appetizer for those who don’t really know closely Chris’ off-beat flow and quirky rhymes. The digging is there, as well, as the flourishing sample game is on point, with hints of soul, jazz, and funk, to add some extraflavour to the recipe.

Waiting to hear the new full lenght, we can enjoy 2Dirt4TV pt.2: Niggas Is Men, also featuring, amogn others, Cavalier, Fresh Daily, Crown Nation’s partner in crhymes Denmark Vessey. Go grab it here.

Out like today is the shadow of tomorrow, you know?

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