Introducing: AbJo – Sankofa EP (2011)

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We’re living strange days, as Franco Battiato would say. We don’t even have the time to breathe, speed takes us away from our certainties. Now, even light’s speed seems obsolete. By the way.

Lots of things happening, lots of vibes, both bad and good, and among this madness we constantly fight to find and select right beats to fit these columns, straight soul grooves for our listening pleasure, to match and enlight daily wrong ideas.

Surfing the holy net we’ve found Soulection. This L.A. based radio show/record label brings some serious heat via its own channels, and we’ve picked for you one of their latest release, AbJo’s Sankofa EP, third chapter of a series of releases that the label is bringing on spotting musicians from all over the world.

Sand Diego’s own AbJo, despite his young age, is as gifted as navigated, raised in golden age hip hop, but not limited too. His background comprehends jazz, classical music and, of course, real boom bap. Take this as exemple of the good things the times we’re living can offer, and enjoy.

Out like there isn’t tomorrow.

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