Introducing: Feyorz – Lvxplrers

Let’s kick it how it is: the whole so-called beat scene right now is becoming so overcrowded and predictable that you might want to search elsewhere your new favourite jams and artists, do you? Yes, indeed, there’s so much similar stuff popping on that you are barely able to scoop something really interesting and afterall original on its own. We are in that too, yep.

This said, let’s forget about the corny stuff for a minute, and be honest: when something fresh is on the radar, it is always a pleasure to discuss about it and put you on it. Also if it comes from the aforementioned battlefield, and from somehow unexpected latitudes. Let’s go discover this Russian beatsmith called Feyorz, straight out a nice label called Ritmo Sportivo, from Moscow.

In that same vein of other indie web labels and musical outlets for underground artists with such a quality and a cross-genres appeal, RS propose a fusion of old fashioned boom bap beats and electronic hints with a natural research for talented producers coming out of Mamuska Russia, but not only. The result is as fresh and international as you may expect, and notably the artist we bring you today isn’t an exception to the well rounded receipt.

With his third release, an ideal second installment of his previous tape called Lvblvrs, he somehow creates a link between the old fashioned 90’s R&B aesthetics and contemporary mood for beats with a genuine soul and subtle texture made of samples and live instruments. As delicate as it takes to talk about love in music.

We out like dosvidanjia, bitch.

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