Clayton Cubitt: Hysterical Literature (Video)

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Some brilliant smooth viral my old boy Giovanni from Matite put me on lately.

Clayton Cubitt is a photographer and visual artist, the same man behind Die Antwoord image as well as some Nike or Converse commercials, Vogue or Spin editorials, hurricane Katrina’s reportage and so on. His website may give you stronger and better informations.

Last year (better late than never, mate) he gave birth to a simple idea, which he called Hysterical Literature: a viral video art series exploring the dualism between mind and body, a perfect distraction portraiture, exploring the contrast between culture and sexuality.

The results is a sensual series of videos where typical american models of different ethnicity face the same thing, orgasm, in front of a camera, possibly wildly stimulated by hidden jammer. Shit’s gone wildly viral, since the mix is irresistible. Once again, this was about to be filed in Wrong Ideas, but there’s a lot of artistry into it. Couldn’t stand it.

Out like the pleasure of reading, right G.?

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