Ghostface Killah – Twelve Reasons to Die (The Brown Tape) (2013)

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The man also known as Tony Starks finally dropped his highly anticipated opera, Twelve Reasons to Die, and his highly anticipated chemistry with Cali’s own producer Adrian Younge. The whole package is as solid as you may expect, highly enjoyable, but still too clean, too polished, too perfect sometimes, yep. Supervised by The RZA, apparently, with a good amount of special guests, and a mafia-inspired plot that makes evolve a fine storytelling. But still unsatisfying, someway. Are we just old and picky fans or do we still have the gusto for the real Ghostface Killah strong gutter sound? Both, indeed.

That’s why we praise Pretty Toney’s lyrical genius combined with the gifted Delfonic’s producer Younge, and we recommend you to enter the full listening of the album. But we also suggest you to check out Apollo Brown rendition of the opus, if you’re interested in having half an hour of straight from the vaults type gutter sound, pure underground dirty flavour, a completely different flip from the original orchestration and sounds, yet the real thing. The Brown version was first released as tape-only limited edition, comprised in a special pack already sold out at Get On Down, and now it’ll be released on its own on both CD and vinyl, for our pleasure.

Listen to this little gem and let us know if it’s worth your attention.
In the meanwhile, we out like american tape.

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