The Blast Interviews #2: Vast Aire

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We’re back for more.

Second installment of our BlastInterviews, and a tough task to face.
We have to introduce one of the most powerful emcees the music industry ever knew. The man who gave birth to Cannibal Ox first, then made a couple solo albums, a few side projects, and the same one who’s still hungry for more and more. One with an attitude that could be described in many ways, but still not enough. It’s a matter of vibes. That same he addresses when it comes to spitting rhymes, way more explanatory than any intro we could try and write. That’s basically why we stop this here and let the man speak.

Let some horns blow, and welcome this issue’s feature – Vast Aire.

You began rhyming in the late 80’s. How it all began? Who or what made you want to grab a mic and kick it?

I started out wanting to be a DJ. I did some of that and I must say I have mad respect for DJ’s because I know what it takes to do what they do. I started rapping around nine or ten years old. I grew up in hip hop culture and I love it.

In the early 90’s you formed The Cannibals with Vordul Mega. How did you met and how it all started?

We went to school together, and I used to rap with his cousin. We got cool and the rest is history.

“OX2010: A Street Odyssey” is a very solid album, consistent with “Deuces Wild”, but still fresh and somehow different. Could you tell us something about the making of and do some math about your crew?

Well, OX 2010 is my new record out now on I-tunes. I worked with many people I love and respect in this industry. Raekwon & Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Ayatollah, Harry Fraud brother hood, LXG, all of my fam. My man Melodious Monk, everybody I love to work with. I have a strong team of producers. This LP is more about me being a grown man, but at the same time I still have a youthful spirit and mind.

Still about OX2010, beats are very well crafted. Do you have a fav producer to make up with, or you’ve received a bunch of dope stuff from different people? Do you partecipate in any ways to the beatmaking process?

Beats are like women to me, she moves or she don’t! Musicians should not force anything. I just like to vibe out with many beats and pick my favs.

If asked to pick 5 songs that means some to you, what would you do and why?

“Who are you” by Nas…amazing, this song makes you think about who you really are as a person. “Otis” by Kanye & Jay-Z , this is just raw fun hip hop. “Fudge Pudge” by Organized Konfusion, wow…this song shows rawness and fun but yet it can get deep, it’s a classic to me. “Jazz” by A Tribe Called Quest…something happens to me when I hear this song. It’s one of my favs smooth and dark Tribe. “Killah Hills” by Gza. It’s a perfect crime story. I love Gza and I’m trying to work with him on my new project. Gza’s flow and skills are way too strong.

Ok, we’re on the finish line. Next moves and future plans?

Look our for my book called “The Asiatic Calendar”, it’s based on spiritualità philosophy and science. And also look out for a book of lyrics that I’ll be dropping. Also, look out for my new project “Crimson Gods” with my man Kenyattah Black.

Peace fam, we out like ox.

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