Bizarre Tribe – A Quest to the Pharcyde (2012)

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Amerigo Gazaway is a funny guy. If his name doesn’t tell you anything, then maybe Gummy Soul rings a bell, so maybe you’re on the right path. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, no problemo. Follow the blast.

Amerigo is a mash-up kid. Yeah, you got it. Yeah, we too usually don’t get big on no mash-up ish. Why the frigg should we? Yeah, we do that too.

But sometimes ish is different, and that’s the case. Put old Pharcyde vocals over original ATCQ samples and reconstructed beats, and see how it goes.

Grab the free-by down here and stay on your toes. The whole project will drop in a few weeks, on September 13th. Out like yeah, we too.

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