Step Lab_ – Don’t drink from the mainstream (2013)

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step lab

An underground community based in Italy, with followers and peeps worldwide, Step Lab is an independent reality that is producing some good stuff, spreading love and pleasant vibes via their facebook page and the newly launched website. For this event, they’ve created their first compilation.

Matching different genres and influences, the range goes from hip hop to ambient, chill out and spacey tracks, zonin out of the mainstream music. The result is a selection of tracks that summon experimentation and innovation, getting together producers and beatmakers of different backgrounds. Many of them have already had years of career and other projects, others are freshmen.

The goals we share with the guys has always been helping people escape from bad music. In order to do that, today we have this compilation is full of good producers & beatmakers from our country, Italy, but also some guests from all across the world. With the likes of, among others, Amin Payne, Melodiesinfonie, Thoro, Apes on Tapes, Godblesscomputers.

In a society full of garbage music, these talented cats have the chance to show how much they dig what they do, so from an independent collective of reviewers, DJs and crate diggers, here it is: Don’t Drink from the Mainstream.

Out like sharing is caring, so we do that too.

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